Add Participants to a Review

Adding participants to a Review automatically makes it Private, in that, only the added Participants will be able to access it in the Review experience.

Once the Review is Active, participants’ individual statistics and details reports will be available.

To add participants to a Review:

  1. Click the Participants tab in the Review artifact of interest.
  2. Click the Add Participants. If your Review does not have any participants yet, the Add Participants button is located in the center of the screen.
    If your Review already has participants and you want to add more, click Add Participant in the upper-right.
  3. In the Add Participants modal:
    1. Start entering the names of the participants to be added. Suggestions are automatically displayed as you enter characters.
      Click each suggestion to add the participant to the Review.
    2. When all participants have been entered and selected, click Add.

After participants are added, they are selected by default so that bulk actions, such as changing selecting roles, can be applied immediately. See the Set Roles for a Review article for more information.