REST API - List Reviews Request



Retrieves a list of reviews by Project ID.

Reviews are only included in the response if the user (that is was authenticated to obtain the token) has view permissions to those reviews.

URL Structure

  • ProjectId: The ID of the project that contains the reviews you want to retrieve.

Supported Methods

Request URI Parameters

  • BaselineId (optional): A specified baseline ID is used as a filter to display only formal reviews that are part of the baseline. By default, this parameter has no value and is not used (that is, all of the project reviews are returned).
  • Offset (optional): Defines the paging offset (that is, index) at which the results start. Offset the default is 0.
  • Limit (optional): Defines the number of items (projects, artifacts, etc) to retrieve per query. This parameter can be set to an integer. The default is 100. The minimum value is 1 and the maximum value is 500.

HTTP Status Codes

  • 200: OK
  • 201: Successfully Created
  • 206: Partial Content
  • 400: Bad Request
    This error can occur for a variety of reasons:
    • At least one URI or request body parameter is invalid, such as one of the Filter, Traces, Offset or Limit parameters.
    • A required value has not been provided.
    • If you are submitting a POST or PATCH request and have not added the X-HTTP-Method-Override parameter to your request header.
  • 401: Unauthorized
    • The Blueprint token is missing, invalid or expired.
  • 403: Forbidden
    • The applicable permissions are needed. For example, this error can occur when:
      • An Author or Collaborate license is needed for access.
      • Comment permissions are needed on the artifact.
      • Edit permissions are needed on the change summary job.
  • 404: NotFound
    • Item is not found in the project. For example, this error can occur when:
      • Artifact not found.
      • Artifact type not found.
      • Project not found.
      • ALM target not found.
      • Change summary job not found.
      • User does not have edit permissions for this artifact, project or ALM target.
  • 409: Conflict
    • Reason for failure can be found in the response body. Additional information may also be found in the log.
  • 411: Length Required
    • If the Content-Length header is missing in the request.
  • 413: Request Entity Too Large
    • If the provided file size is larger than allowed.
  • 415: Unsupported Media Type
    • If the provided media type is not of MIME Multipart Content "form-data."
  • 416: Request Range Not Satisfiable
    • If offset points to a part of a collection that is not available.
  • 500: Internal Server Error
  • 501: Not Implemented


XML Example

Request URI

Response Body

<Reviews xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
<Name>New Review 2</Name>
<Name>New Review 1</Name>
JSON Example

Request URI

Response Body

"Name":"New Review 2",
"Name":"New Review 1",