UX Changes in Blueprint 12.2

As part of an ongoing commitment to an intuitive User Experience, Blueprint has streamlined some elements of the user interface to facilitate easier onboarding of new users.

Existing Blueprint users may refer to the following table to understand how UI Elements have shifted between older versions of Blueprint and Blueprint v12.2.

UI Element

Before 12.2

Blueprint v12.2 and After

Detail View (for Processes)

Detail View (for non-Processes)

Process Editor

Text Mode

Walkthrough Mode

List View (now called Descendants View)

Business-Process Mode / User-System Process Mode Toggle

Convert to Digital Blueprint (now called Activate Digital Blueprint)

Generate Story from Task

Generate Stories

Export Generated Tests (now called Generate Tests)

Move and Publish


Copy Selected Shapes


Manage Traces (now called Traces)

Analyze Impact (now called Impact)






Change Artifact Type

Add to Review

Add to Baseline

Add to Collection

Export to Word

Export to PDF

Export to UiPath

Export to Blue Prism

Export to AA Enterprise

Export to Power Automate

Generate Document

Create Follow-up Review