Generate a Document

Document Generation ensures compliance by generating documents in a format that is customizable to your various enterprise needs.

In Blueprint, you can easily generate documents based on customizable templates. This allows you to have an offline record of documents for different audiences, in different formats that can be referenced across any artifact in your workspace, enabling reuse and traceability.

Generating a document in Blueprint creates a Document artifact with the generated document as an attachment in that artifact. Single or multiple artifacts can be included in the document you want to generate.

Only users with editing permissions can generate documents.

Generate a Document for One Artifact

To generate a document for a single artifact:

  1. Access the artifact you want to generate a document for.
  2. Click the Actions button in the artifact toolbar in the upper-right corner and select Generate Document for Artifact (artifact ID).
  3. In the Generate Document Artifact modal:
    1. Select the template for the document. Some of the templates may be custom according to your Blueprint project and instance.
    2. Enter a name for the Document artifact that will contain the generated document as an attachment.
    3. Search for or select the location to place the newly created document artifact.
    4. If generating a document from a model or process artifact, select the Include image(s) from selected artifact(s) checkbox to include any images in the document you want to generate.
    5. Click Create and Publish.
  4. A notification is displayed indicating that the job has been scheduled. Click the link in the message to view the operation on the Jobs page.
    You can also click the Jobs tab in the main header to view the operation.
    You need to click the Refresh All icon in the explorer to see the newly created document in your project hierarchy.
  5. To access the newly created Document artifact with the generated document as an attachment, click the Go to the artifact icon on the Jobs page.

Generate a Document with Multiple Artifacts

To generate a document with multiple artifacts:

  1. In the Descendants View or Collections, select the artifacts you want to be included in your document.
  2. Click the Actions button and select Generate Document.
  3. Complete steps 3-5 in the Generate a Document for One Artifact section.