Move Artifacts

In Blueprint, you can select single or multiple artifacts and drag and drop them within your workspace, supporting optimal planning and work management for large sets of data.

The ability to drag and drop artifacts also allows you to quickly and easily organize your repository to reflect your business context.

When dragging and dropping artifacts, hierarchies are maintained where possible. For example:

  • When an artifact is selected and dragged, its child artifacts will come with it and hierarchies will be respected when dropped.
  • When artifact A is dropped into artifact B, it becomes a child of that artifact. When artifact A is dropped above artifact B, they become sibling artifacts.
Limitations to Dragging and Dropping Artifacts

There are limitations and conditions to the drag and drop functionality. They include:

  • Dragging and dropping artifacts is only supported in the Chrome browser
  • A user must have edit privileges in a project in order to move artifacts in that project
  • Folder artifacts cannot be moved into a location in the explorer that is not a folder
  • Artifacts at the project level cannot be moved into the Collections, Baselines, or Reviews folders, and artifacts within those specific folders can only be moved and reordered therein
  • Artifacts cannot be moved across projects via drag and drop in the Explorer
  • A maximum of 500 artifacts can only be moved at once

Move Artifact Feature

Artifacts can also be moved in your project using the Move Artifact button in the artifact toolbar.

To move an artifact with the Move Artifact feature:

  1. Select the artifact you want to move in the Explorer.
  2. Click the Move Artifact button () in the artifact toolbar.
  3. In the Move to... modal displayed, navigate to where you want the artifact to be copied.

    If the destination is within the same project, find the exact location within the hierarchy.

    If you want the destination to be another project, and the artifact is a standard type, click the "back" indicator next to the root of the current project to display all projects in the instance that you have access to. Then, find the exact location within the hierarchy.
  4. Choose if you would like to insert the artifact Inside, Above, or Below another artifact.
  5. Use the search box or browse the project hierarchy to find the appropriate location.
    Click Move and Publish.

The artifact will be moved to your chosen location and will be in a published state.

Trace relationships, attachments, comments, document references, artifact history, and custom properties are all preserved when moving an artifact. The descendants of the artifact will be moved with the parent artifact by default.

Only standard artifacts types can be moved to another project. Any artifact that is locked by other users or is not yet published cannot be moved to another project.

Any artifact can be a parent of another artifact, but a folder can’t have a parent that isn’t a folder.

To move artifacts to a new project, users must have edit permissions for the artifacts to be moved as well as edit permissions for the parent artifacts in the target location.