REST API - Defining an Artifact in the Request Body

You must define the artifact in the request body when you are adding an artifact.

You can only define one artifact in a single request


The following parameters must be specified within the Artifact element:

  • ArtifactTypeId: Numerically identifies the type of artifact. The identifier can be obtained via the Get Artifact Type and List Artifact Types requests.
  • Name: Identifies the name of the artifact.
  • Any required properties of the applicable artifact type.
Properties Element

If you want to specify property values for your artifact, include a Properties element within the Artifact element.

If you are defining a property type for your artifact, you must specify values for required elements of the property type.

Among others, the Properties element can contain the following elements:

  • Property: (Required.) The element of the property specifications.
  • PropertyTypeId: The corresponding elements, which can be populated in the Get Artifact call.


AddArtifact Example

Here is an example of a request body in XML format:

<?xml version="1.0" ?> 
<Artifact xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
<Name>New Textual Requirement</Name>
<TextOrChoiceValue>Sample Description</TextOrChoiceValue>

Here is an example of a request body in JSON format:

"Name": "New Textual Requirement",
"ParentId": 10,
"ArtifactTypeId": 25,
"Properties": [
"PropertyTypeId": 235658,
"TextOrChoiceValue": "Sample Description"
"PropertyTypeId": 235659,
"NumberValue": 15.0