The Utility Panel

The Utility Panel includes more detailed information about a selected artifact, such as properties, relationships, discussions, files, and history. This panel slides open and closed, and is located on the right-hand side of the Blueprint interface.

The Relationships, Discussions, and Files tabs have an asterisk next to their names if there is information to be viewed in that tab for the selected artifact. The asterisk is also displayed when the Utility Panel is closed.

Each icon in the Utility Panel corresponds to the following:

Description and Actions

Properties - view and add system and additional properties

Relationships - view and add traces

Discussions - view and add comments to discussions

Files - view and add attachments and references

Intelligent Recommendations - see all the reuse, trace, commenting, and copying opportunities, in addition to the ability of adding other artifacts to a Collection, Baseline, or review

History - view and access all previous versions of an artifact, see what has changed compared to the most previous version of the artifact, and options to compare versions and revert values or the entire artifact to previous versions.

For more information regarding editing information and assets in the Utility Panel, see the View and Edit Artifacts in the Utility Panel section.