Start a Review

To initiate a Review:

  1. Access the Review artifact that you want to initiate the Review for.
  2. Click the Draft drop-down in the upper-right corner and click Start Review.

If a Review contains artifacts that require approval, a participant must be added before the Review can be started and vice versa.
  1. If it is a Formal Review, and therefore requires approvals, the system will automatically create and seal a Baseline of the artifacts that are being used – unless a Sealed Baseline was already used to create the Formal Review.
    The Sealed Baseline associated with the Review is included as a hyperlink below the Review artifact name.
    If prompted to commit artifacts in a Review as a Sealed Baseline, click Start in the Confirmation modal.
  2. In the Create Baseline for Formal Review modal, make any changes needed to the artifact name, select a location for the Sealed Baseline, and then click Create Baseline and Activate Review.

If email notifications are enabled, and the Review is Private, an email will be sent to all participants informing them the Review is active and available.

The Review Experience URL is also made available in all tabs of the Review artifact. The manager can click the URL to preview it – even if they are not a participant.

When a Review has started, the artifacts in the Review are locked for editing. Formal Reviews must be in Draft state to update any artifacts.