View and Approve Artifacts in a Review

If you are a Reviewer in a Private Review, or you are viewing a Public Review, a typical Review process entails scrolling through and viewing the contents of each artifact in the Review Experience, while providing feedback by adding new comments and replying to existing ones.

All artifacts in a Review are read-only in the Review Experience. You can make comments via Discussions, as well as download attachments, but cannot make edits to the artifact itself.

If you are an Approver in a Private Review, in addition to the above, a typical Review process also entails approving or disapproving artifacts.

Artifacts in a Review can have one of the following approval status values:

  • Pending - You have not yet approved or disapproved the artifact
  • Approved - You have approved the artifact
  • Disapproved - You have disapproved the artifact
  • Custom status - Each custom status must be a type of Pending, Approval, or Disapproval. These are set by your Project Administrator

To view and approve or disapprove artifacts:

  1. Click the drop-down in the middle of the artifact header and select one of the available approval statuses.
  2. You can change multiple artifacts’ approval statuses at once by selecting the checkbox for all desired artifacts, and then selecting one of the status values in the bulk actions drop-down.
Bookmark the Review and keep collaborating or updating the Review until it is complete.