Define Actions in a Workflow that are Triggered by Transitions

The Workflow XML schema supports the following three types of events that will trigger actions:

  • A Transition
  • An artifact property change
  • The creation of a new artifact

The Workflow Canvas supports Transition-triggered Actions.

To defined Transition-triggered Actions:

  1. On the Canvas, select the Transition that will trigger one or more Actions.
  2. On the Canvas toolbar, select Add Action.
  3. In the Transition Settings dialog, select one of the following available options:
    1. Send Email Notification
    2. Update Property
    3. Create Child Artifact
    4. Create Test Cases
    5. Create User Stories
      Process-specific Actions (creating test cases or user stories) exist only if at least one Process-type artifacts is associated with the Workflow.
  4. If applicable, define the Action properties.
  5. Add up to 10 Actions in the order they are executed when the Transition occurs.
  6. You can also add another Action to the end of the existing sequence, cycle through a sequence, and delete the currently viewed Action.
  7. Click Save.

The new Action is displayed on the Canvas, along the Transition path.