Validate Tags

Before you run a report, it's a good idea to validate your tags so that you can be sure the tags are formatted properly. AutoTag includes a validation tool that will do just that.

The Validation Tool

The Validation tool scans the template and identifies syntax errors as well as ensuring that all the tag attributes are included and limited to their legal values. For example, the tool will tell you whether a tag is missing (eg. you have a start <wr:forEach ...> tag with no end </wr:forEach ...> tag).

To validate the tags in your instance of Blueprint, click the Validate Tags icon in the Tags menu:

The Validator Dialog displays and tag validation automatically occurs:

The Validator Dialog displays messages describing any errors in tag usage that were found. These messages include:

  • the tag suspected of causing the error
  • the location of the tag in your template.

The status bar indicates the progress of the validation function. When the validation finishes, the status message "Validation complete" displays.

In the image above, we see one error that needs fixing. You can easily jump to the tag suspected of causing the error. To select the tag in your template:

  1. Double-click the error message. The tag is highlighted in the template.
  2. Correct the tag usage, and then validate the template again. When the validation completes successfully, you can run (generate) your report.